Nuclear Sea Pineapple’s Coming to Hong Kong

A report on a Japanese Fukushima-themed blog suggests that ‘sea pineapples’ – the restaurant name for the ascidian or sea squirt species Halocynthia roretzi – from the area of Fukushima may soon find it’s way to Hong Kong. The report, which I have not independently verified yet, states that the Miyagi Fisheries cooperative is planning to export this species by air via Okinawa to Hong Kong, which may allow it to label the Origin as Okinawa instead of Miyagi Prefecture, Japan’ which some may recognise as very close to the stricken Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Facility which is still leaking radioactive elements into the surrounding sea.
‘Sea pineapples’ are apparently a Korean delicacy and also served as sushi in Japan.
The Miyagi fishery cooperative are also planning to export seaweed to Hong Kong along the same lines.

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