Lionfish in Hong Kong

green blue sea ∙ 蔚藍碧海

This Hong-Kong based blog has not actually featured much about Hong Kong diving recently due to my Philippines trip! Moreover, I was supposed to go on a local dive today in Hong Kong but it was cancelled. Instead, (and partly to console myself) let me continue with my series of posts about Hong Kong marine life that divers can spot. After the adorable Hong Kong Pufferfish, I would like to talk about an unmistakeable and beautiful fish that all divers will recognise: the lionfish.

Zebra turkeyfish at night Hong Kong

Lionfishes are members of Scorpaenidae family (Scorpionfishes). These fishes are among the world’s most venomous fish species. The spines on their fins, with venom glands at their base, can inflict a very painful wound to humans. In Hong Kong, there are two kinds of fish that divers refer to as ‘lionfish’. When you know the difference, they are easy to tell apart.

The Zebra Turkeyfish

Lionfish Zebra Turkeyfish Hong Kong

The most common of the…

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